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We design, manufacture and sell quality static control producs. We are the one-stop shop for all of your ESD needs. We will help you to fond solutions to your ESD problems and implement efficient static control programs.

Electronics Static Supply Division

The Electronic Division offer a complete product line for protecting components before, during and after the assembly, and constituting your first line of defence against electrostatic discharges.

Bystat is also represented by distributors in Canada and in United States for covering the Electronic market. All of our distributors share the same objective to provide reliable static electricity control products.

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Once upon a time… 25 years ago.

In modest buildings at Dorval, Bystat begins its operations in the sale of anti-static product.

In this time, Bystat was the missionary of static. This occult science which one perceived the damage only after, without understanding too much what had occurred during.

The little story of Bystat will be to you presented by episode which will follow in the future.

Industrial Facilities Division

Our Industrial Division is able to solve your problems involved in the installation of your control rooms, laboratory, clean room and production zone. Our floor coverings, our work stations and our range of ionizer are essential components in the realization of your construction projects.

Our Industrial Division covers all the types of problems of static encountered in the markets: industrial, life sciences and military.

Bystat works in close cooperation with several partners to offer a wide range of products.

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